“The Disruptive Social Care Podcast” Episode 5 – Webcast Video

We hope you enjoy this week’s show!

No, we didn’t record it in a coal cellar, but self-funding the show we can’t afford the fancy cameraman and broadcast kit every week!

As usual the show features regular presenters Stuart Arnott from Mindings and Shirley Ayres and this week we are discussing a wide range of topics including the Serious Case Review on Winterbourne View, Young Rewired State and innovations in giving!

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The DSC Podcast Team

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2 Responses to “The Disruptive Social Care Podcast” Episode 5 – Webcast Video

  1. John says:

    Good content, but if you are to chose one investment, please invest in being more careful about your lights. The current lights are making your video quality look worse. Adjusting these with more care will solve this problem. Audio quality is very good.

    • stuarnott says:

      Hi John
      Yes, we had some technical problems that week and had to use the backup camera and no lights. This week’s show (Show 6 – video uploaded hopefully later today) is better…!
      Glad you like the content, though.
      NB The show isn’t meant to be a TV-type show, it’s primarily an audio podcast and we did the video for fun. However, people seem to like the video so we’re having to put more time and resources into it, which is tricky as we have no time or money!
      I hope you agree that this week’s show is an improvement and do keep following us.
      Stu 😉

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