News and Innovation – Audio Podcast 14

This week’s show features e-patient engagement; dementia challengers in the news at the dementia congress; is age really the issue in later life?; National Adoption Week 2012; when is social not social?; social impact, bridging the gap between research and practice; digital literacy for social work students; why are there so few women media “experts” and Digital Technology in Later Life.

The DSC Team


The e in e-patient stands for engagement

Reflections from the Dementia Congress

Is age really the issue in later life?

National Adoption Week 7th – 11th November 2012 reminding people about the difference adoption can make to a child’s life.

Poised for impact @davidsocialsp and the @Nestaimpact Standards for Evidence

When is social not social?

Combining Facebook & enquiry-based blended learning to teach social media skills for social work students

Why are so few media “experts” women? Sign up and share your expertise through the Women’s Room

The exploration on digital technology in later life #dtlater led by ‏@davidwilcox and supported by the @nominettrust is ongoing. Share your thoughts on the social learning website.
@davidwilcox #FF


5 Tips To Grow Twitter Followers The Right Way

15 ways that show your social media addiction is getting out of control

is a serving police officer who cares passionately about the importance of a police force which serves the public.;jsessionid=6353E1FEFB6C5349418051B334AA20F5#productDetails


Andy Bradley
Frameworks for Change mission is to create and sustain consistently compassionate caring environments

Mayor of Newark New Jersey

produces the excellent Digital Engagement Guide

A great sharer of resources, constantly highlighting good posts and writing insightfully about the implications of social media for the public sector.

The official voice of The Royal British Legion and the Poppy Appeal.

Stuart’s sister and the Royal British Legion Scotland Riders Branch


What is Good Evidence? Standards, Kitemarks & Forms of Evidence 9th November Alliance for Useful Evidence

Using social media to change the world training event 20th November 2012

Social Media for Social Good conference 22nd November 2012 @ThirdSectorLab and Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector#BeGoodBeSocial

Launch of ‘Nudge or Compel? Can behavioural economics tackle the digital exclusion of older people?’ ILC-UK 29th November 2012

The DSC Podcast Team

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