Paul Burstow, MP – Audio Podcast 16

Welcome to our sixteenth Podcast , we hope that you enjoy it!

The DSC Team
Launch of the new Disruptive Social Care podcast crowdfunding platform!

“How the internet and and digital technology can combat isolation”

This week’s show features

• Launch of the #dementiachallengers website
• Community Catalysts #innovationchallenge
• When did it become OK to belittle older people?
• Beyond Winterbourne
• How social media challenging silo thinking and connecting people and ideas across sectors
• New guidelines about using social media in social work
• An online resource to help young people moving from education into work
• Changing patterns of learning and study across the generations
• Bridging the gap between research and practice
• Social media and social housing
• NHS Spread and Adoption Tool

New Dementia Challengers website

@CommCats innovation challenge run by @HelenTurner14 with Leicestershire Council.

Good news for the Healthy Living Club in Lambeth

“When did it become OK to belittle older people?”

“Beyond Winterbourne”

“In The Light of Winterbourne View Serious Case Review”

“Helping to remind thinkers and policy makers “what it’s all about”…

Planting Memories Garden project

Using social media in social work script written by

FLiP an online tool being developed to help young people build a strengths profile based on feedback from trusted friends on Facebook and other social networks.

Fewer older people are going to college, but more are learning online

“I hate school, but I love learning” young people challenge the world of formal education (The Innovative Educator)

Storify of Research and Practice compiled by @helen_kara celebrating the launch of the British Library Social Welfare Portal

“How social media can help you do your job in #ukhousing”

“10 Myths From The Year We Went Social”

Spread and Adoption tool developed by the NHS Innovation Hub

Mindings wins fundings and local authority trial competition

Interview with Paul Burstow

Have your say on the draft Care and Support Bill

The Joint Committee invites interested organisations and individuals to send written submissions by 11 January 2013 as part of the inquiry.

Paul’s #FF Recommendations

Social Media Resources

#tweetwell a week long series of tweets from across the NHS in England about the work of of Accident and Emergency and urgent care centres.

#NHSXmas is back! Follow the hashtag to find out how you can access healthcare services over the festive holidays

“Twitter to be ‘hero’ social media channel for media brands in 2013”

“Good Bird Bad Bird people unfollowed on Twitter“

“Do you love your customers enough to follow them back?”
@PaulBromford cites @zappos_service and @monmouthshirecc

#FF to all of our guests and everyone who has been listening to and supporting the podcasts!

A special mention for @tommyNtour a tireless campaigner raising awareness about dementia and improving support for carers.

What’s coming up

Adopt the Purple Angel a worldwide emblem for Dementia if you want to raise awareness of dementia.

The Blue Pier Project aims to light up all the piers in the UK and raise awareness of diabetes.

Christmas Fun

#DigitalDecember tips & ideas


Type in your address & look through the window at snow falling down your street

@NoradSanta provides up-to-the-minute information on Santa’s journey!

We wish all our listeners and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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