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SHOW NOTES – Paul Taylor Interview

Twitter: @PaulBromford

“The role for many public service organisations is to actively mainstream the innovation that is already out there. There are loads of innovators and entrepreneurs who just need a route to market. Some of them may already be employed by you.”

“Adapt or Die: 3 Challenges To Going Digital”

20 Things They Never Told Us About Going Social – which is your favourite?

Pauls #Follow Fridays
Deputy Director of  an NHS Foundation Trust and an influential blogger on mental health and social media. Victoria writes challenging and entertaining posts and has a lovely personal style which I’m a fan of. And anybody who gives their dog a hashtag is alright by me.
Chief Customer Officer at Enterasys Networks and is one of the leading thinkers on the concept of Socially Collaborative Business and the Social CV. Vala famously recruited to a six figure salary position using applications by Twitter that demanded a minimum Social Influence score!
A generous sharer of information about the value of getting people online. He is truly passionate about the need to tackle digital exclusion in practical ways, particularly to older people who could benefit the most from connectivity.
CEO of Halton Housing Trust and a champion of the need for leaders within housing to engage with social media and new technologies. Nick is known for ambitious plan to eradicate internal email by 2014 and replace it with social collaboration tools.

The DSC Team

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