News and Innovation – Video Podcast 18

We’re delighted to be back after our break, and even more delighted that this show has been crown-funded.  As usual the show features regular presenters Stuart Arnott from Mindings and Shirley Ayres, bringing you news of innovation in social care.

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The DSC Podcast Team

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Available now! The Click Guide to Digital Technology for Adult Care

“technology supports the development of solutions that are tailored and accessible to individuals while also enabling their wide distribution at significantly lower cost than traditional services” Annika Small Nominet Trust

“My (printed) copy arrived this morning. Very well researched and informative. Well done Shirley – and thank you for mentioning new electronic version of Whose Shoes? – aligned to TLAP’s ‘Making It Real’. Planning launch programme with TLAP next week! :) “   Gill Phillips @WhoseShoes


All the information you need in one place

Whether you work in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors (or are a carer or use services), digital technology is transforming the way care services are delivered. It will not, of course, ever replace human contact, kindness, empathy and understanding. But it does allow people to connect in different ways, quickly and easily. Digital technology and social networks provide some of the most powerful tools available today for building a sense of belonging, support and sharing among groups of people who share similar interests and concerns.

The Click Guide to Digital Technology for Adult Social Care has been developed to help professionals, carers and service users make use of the fantastic resources which are already available across the whole spectrum of needs in adult social care today. We believe it is important to bring all of this information together in a single place. The Guide lists more than a hundred resources, spanning the areas of care, health and housing.

The Click Guide to Digital Technology for Adult Social Care can be downloaded instantly as  an eBook at a cost of £3-99 or ordered as a hard copy printed publication.

Contact us to find out about the discounts available for bulk orders of the printed publication.

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Crowdfunding innovative thinking in care

Mark Brown, Shirley Ayres and Stu Arnott

“Knowledge is useless if it’s exclusive. If you really want change, you really want it to be inclusive, where everyone’s included, otherwise you’re just going to have more of the same in the future.” interviewed in the Guardian 15th December 2012 @iamwill

I am fortunate to be connected with over 10,000 people through my social networks. If each person in my network invested £7-00 we could produce a weekly Disruptive Social Care podcast throughout 2013. Or if innovative care organisations sponsored a show we would reach our target even more quickly!

The podcasts were developed to promote innovative thinking about care in the 21st century by bringing people and ideas together. With over 5000 downloads and views of the Disruptive Social Care podcast I am proud of our unique communications platform.

When Stu and I launched the Disruptive Social Care podcasts we wanted to spread the word about care innovations, share great ideas and promote the value of digital technology to help people and communities connect and collaborate. We recognised the need for digital leadership to drive the adoption of technology in care.

We are passionate about ensuring that good practice in care, health, housing, education, employment and research is promoted and shared. We want Disruptive Social Care to become the benchmark for innovators. To date we have self funded the podcasts but to reach a bigger audience we need funding. We hope that there are enough innovative individuals and organisations who share our values and will help us to grow the Podcasts.

“The social care sector produces tons of outputs in the forms of papers and reports and so on and I struggle to keep up with a lot of it quite frankly, but I never struggle to find time to listen to your weekly podcast, and I think what is distinctive about it is that you offer a fresh take on a lot of the challenges that we face and I don’t think there’s anything quite like it, so do keep it up, I think it’s a really refreshing contribution, and challenge actually, to the way we do things”

Richard Humphries, Assistant Director of Policy The Kings Fund @richardatkf 

Giving a voice to innovators is essential if we are to develop care services fit for the 21st century. Who could not be inspired hearing about the work of  Simone Florio and the Healthy Living Club at Lingham Court @HLCC supporting people living with dementia, Anthony Ribot @RibotMaximus discussing user experience, design and  Threedom the world’s simplest smartphone and Mark Brown @markoneinfour sharing his thoughts about the need for radical changes in mental healthservices. We have had so many requests from people who would like to be interviewed but the reality is that this needs to be funded. If your care organisation needs a higher public profile (a number of organisations come to mind here)  and you would like us to undertake an independent, provocative and challenging interview with your Chief Executive do get in touch!  

At the moment there is a huge gap in the market for promoting innovative thinking. We need your help and support to continue to produce our independent, provocative and edgy weekly shows. And a very big thank you to our first friends and supporters! @FOL_LTD @Ermintrude2 @Recovery4_me @BPDFFS @MindingsStu @clarkmike @paulbromford

How to sponsor the Disruptive Social Care podcast 

Any questions? Do contact me if you need an invoice before sponsoring the podcasts @shirleyayres

Will we succeed with our very ambitious vision? If innovation and new ways of thinking about care are part of your DNA we hope you will support us. Only time will tell but do keep  an eye on how many innovative organisations are prepared to sign up and support us!

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Paul Burstow, MP – Video Podcast 16

This week’s show features an interview with the Right Hon Paul Burstow.

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Paul Burstow, MP – Audio Podcast 16

Welcome to our sixteenth Podcast , we hope that you enjoy it!

The DSC Team
Launch of the new Disruptive Social Care podcast crowdfunding platform!

“How the internet and and digital technology can combat isolation”

This week’s show features

• Launch of the #dementiachallengers website
• Community Catalysts #innovationchallenge
• When did it become OK to belittle older people?
• Beyond Winterbourne
• How social media challenging silo thinking and connecting people and ideas across sectors
• New guidelines about using social media in social work
• An online resource to help young people moving from education into work
• Changing patterns of learning and study across the generations
• Bridging the gap between research and practice
• Social media and social housing
• NHS Spread and Adoption Tool

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